By visiting the SM Custom Packaging page, you consent to our website’s Privacy Policy. When it comes to user privacy and records, the company is rigorous. We can assure you that any information gathered for order fulfillment is never exchanged or disclosed to a third party and is only used for customer support, delivery services, and contacting customers for input on relevant services. Even if the customer/visitor has not placed an order, we will contact them for follow-up or additional details.

Collection and use of Information

 SM Custom Packaging and other parts of the website and the web server gather various data, which is then safely stored in a log file. The information collected may include the visitor’s IP address, cookie information, browser, time or date of visit, number of clicks, and many other things. Email addresses are not included in the data collected. The email addresses of visitors are not kept on file.

SM Custom Packaging collects information that website visitors/users voluntarily have. Their names, emails, phone numbers, addresses, and other personal and sensitive details may be included in this information.

If you make a payment on our website, you must include confidential billing details such as your debit or credit card details, account number, and so on. When you submit this information, you accept and consent that it can or will be shared with service providers and third parties, such as financial agencies, credit/debit card companies, and shipping companies, to process your orders and transactions.

Your financial details will be used to complete transactions and bill you for the goods and services you have ordered. Users can alter their details on our website.

We do not disclose or expose any of the details we collect from our customers to any third parties. On the other hand, the information can improve services by selling and developing goods based on information such as customer reviews.

Data is also used to provide product and service alerts. If you do not want to receive any updates from us, let us know, and we will remove you from our mailing list.


The security of our website users’ and customers’ details are of the utmost importance to us. We take every precaution to ensure that unauthorized access to any company or personal information given by our website users or customers, whether online or offline, is prevented. All-access to this type of information is limited to our offices only. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption is used on the SM Custom Packaging website, which encrypts data sent and received over the internet. Even though this adds a layer of security, data and information exchanged over the internet can never be fully protected. As a result, the corporation cannot be held liable for information exchanged over the internet.

Business Transition

Suppose the company goes through a potential transition, such as being sold to, merging with another company, or declaring bankruptcy. In that case, the information gathered may or may not be exchanged during the asset transfer.

Cookies are used on our website to present a better experience for our users and tourists. These are programmable sets of data that our website stores on your computer. We can use it to personalize your experience and provide a better, more tailored experience with each visit. Users have robust control over this and can delete or disable cookies by following their tab instructions.

Privacy Policies Have Changed

If the privacy policy ever changes in the future, those changes will be made to the privacy policy on this page and everywhere else on the website where we believe it is relevant. This is to ensure that our customers/visitors are aware of how their data is used. We use the information we gathered in compliance with the privacy policies in place when it was collected.

However, suppose we choose to use information in a way that wasn’t specified in the privacy policy at the time of collection. In that case, we will notify the user by email, and they will be able to choose whether or not to allow our company to use the information in that way.

Associated Sites

SM Custom Packaging includes links to other websites; however, we are not responsible for their policies or practices. As a result, the user must read the privacy policies/statements of the websites they visit. This site’s privacy statement applies only to information obtained on our website, “” If you need any additional details, please visit our contact page and contact us.